Bo Bendsneyder showed a solid weekend at the Automotodrom Brno, improving his lap time and his feeling abroad the Mistral 610 with each session and eventually showing a great pace in this mornings’ Warm Up, which he finished just half a second behind the top.

Meanwhile Remy Gardner was giving his best to arrive inside the points scoring positions as well. When the red lights switched off, the Australian did a good start and was ready to fight, but unfortunately collided with another rider on the first lap, which brought his and his team mates race to an unlucky early end. 

Bo Bendsneyder 

Position: DNF – Championship: 29th – Points: -

Gardner - 2018We had a good Warm Up, a decent weekend, especially after we struggled a bit on day one. We knew where we needed to improve and we did it in FP3. In Qualifying we showed it again and even in Warm Up with used tyres we had a good pace. So we were confident about the race, but finally we didn’t make one lap. Some rider in front of me crashed and it was difficult to avoid it, so I was down too. It’s really difficult to understand that such a positive weekend got destroyed by another rider, which is the worst feeling for me, but also for the team. Because we worked truly hard this weekend to show what we are capable to do, but finally we didn’t finish the race. We want to keep this focus and this working style for the next races and hopefully the results follow.


Remy Gardner   

Position: DNF – Championship: 18th – Points: 20

Bendsneyder - 2018I had a good start, a decent first corner and really felt comfortable. I got to turn six and Mir was in front. I wasn’t trying to make a pass, I just wanted to take my corner normally. But it seemed like he just stopped the bike exceptionally slow that lap and I was not expecting this. He basically cut my front wheel off. It was strange, but also very unlucky. I’m sorry to him and sorry to Bo. I wasn’t intentionally trying to make a pass or do anything stupid, it’s just really unlucky.” 



Team Manager

This was probably one of the shortest races of the Tech3 Moto2 team with both riders down in the first lap. I don’t want to blame anybody because we know how tough these first laps are. With having to start far sometimes, you want to try to much too early and I think this is what happened. Remy touched Mir and that was the end of their race. I feel also very sorry for Bo as he had his best Qualifying of the year, he was strong in Warm Up and he was ready for a good fight, but he couldn’t do anything to avoid the crash. I’m very sorry, but that’s part of this close racing. The good news is, that there is another race in a few days and hopefully we can do better there.”

During a very hot Qualifying session, Bo Bendsneyder secured himself a spot in the first six rows for the Czech Grand Prix, which is set to start tomorrow at 12.20 local time. Thereby, the Moto2 rookie showed some great progress in bettering his best lap from Friday morning to Saturday afternoon by 2.114 seconds and finding a decent feeling aboard the Mistral 610 of the Tech3 Racing squad.

Meanwhile, Remy Gardner started the second day of action at the Automotodrom Brno with a strong improvement. The Australian lowered his personal best by incredible 2.756 seconds in the last minutes of FP3 and repeated this performance in Qualifying, which lead to a 19thplace start for tomorrows’ tenth round of the 2018 Moto2 World Championship.

Bo Bendsneyder 

Position: 18th - Time: 2’03.235 - Laps: 14

Remy GardnerI’m happy about the Qualifying. Still I want a little bit more, but anyway, I’m satisfied. In the last three races it was quite difficult in Qualifying. In Warm Up we could show the pace we had in the race, but we destroyed the race before with the timed practice. Finally, here we were able to set a good lap time, but it was tough because it’s so hot. Therefore, you have to do the fast lap in the beginning of the session when the bike is still cold and when you have the extra grip from the MotoGP riders. Already this morning we had a good pace and now we showed that we can also qualify well.

Remy Gardner

Position: 19th - Time: 2’03.273 - Laps: 14

Bo BendsneyderIt has been a difficult Qualifying. On my fastest lap I got held up by some slower riders who were on the line, which was pretty disappointing. We had some struggles with the setup, especially from the moment when the tyre had three laps on, so we need to find a solution for tomorrow, if we want to have a good race. We will go on to solve this

For this weekends’ 10thround of 2018, which marks the beginning of the second part of the season, the Tech3 Racing team settled over to Brno for the Grand Prix Ceske Republiky. Thereby, Bo Bendsneyder had a decent start to the weekend, finding himself inside the top 20 in FP1 and improving his fastest lap by 0.871 seconds this afternoon. On the other side of the garage, Remy Gardner struggled to find the perfect feeling in the morning but was able to lower his lap time by impressive 1.442 seconds and is set to make further steps in the third Free Practice session tomorrow at 10.55 local time.

Bo Bendsneyder 

Position: 26th - Time: 2’04.478 - Laps: 28

Remy Gardner“Today has not been easy. In the morning we did just 13 laps, but the feeling was quite good. In the afternoon we needed to make more laps in order to have the same base like all the others, but it was tough. Especially with the hard tyre I didn’t have a great feeling. Then we put the soft one in and it felt ok. Our time was not too bad, but it’s really close. I’m looking to find a better feeling in the front, so I hope tomorrow will be better.

Remy Gardner

Position: 27th - Time: 2’04.553 - Laps: 30

Bo Bendsneyder“It has been a difficult first day here. We didn’t find the right feeling with the bike yet, so we’re going to work really hard tonight to find a much better setup for tomorrow. Obviously, it’s not where we are meant to be, but with some great work, I’m sure we can still have a strong end to the weekend.


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